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My name is Leah Pugh, and I am a passionate author. I am an avid reader, and started writing stories at a young age. After publishing a few short stories and an article, I had my first novel, The Diamond Caper, published. The series follows a young detective named Crystal O'Mally and her little sister Emma. Together they help solve mysteries around their town. The first story in the Crystal O'Mally mystery series was followed by the sequel, Anything but a Diamond. I am pleased to announce that my new book The Day Please Slept In is out now on Amazon.com, and is up for the Children's and Middle Grade Book Author Academy Awards. To vote for my book, click the image below. I am available for school readings and visits, contact me via email for inquiries. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, baking/cooking, and, of course, writing.